A fighter of Kurdish YPG units have surrendered to the Turkish military in the southeast province of Sirnak.

Turkish media reported that the 19-years-old fighter joined the YPG this February but has later decided to turn himself in under the influence of his family.

Last week, two members of the Kurdish YPG units have surrendered themselves to Turkish security forces after entering Turkey from Syria.

The two fighters crossed the Syrian-Turkish border near Ayn al Arab (Kobani) and arrived to the Sarouj district of the Şanlıurfa province where they surrendered to local security.

Turkey considers the YPG, a military wing of the PYD political party, an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the Turkish authorities.

The recent escalation of conflict between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds was triggered by the status of Manbij, a city in eastern Aleppo province. Turkish authorities have repeatedly claimed their intention to enter the city while the Manbij military council controlled by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) rejected the possibility of handing over the city.

In turn, the US military, which is heavily relying on the SDF in Northern Syria, has attempted to bring the two sides to a compromise by introducing joint patrols with the Turkish army along the demarcation line between the Free Syrian Army factions backed by Turkey and the SDF.

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