al tanf workaround

By training militants in Jordan in cooperation with the British and the Jordanians, the United States initially used the kingdom as a springboard to log on to Suweida. But then they began to use occupied parts of South-East Syria for the “New Syrian Army” operations (purely CIA’s creature) and affiliated groups. The formal pretext is fighting Daesh. Al Tanf in this scheme was a training camp for militants and a base for further deployment, where up to 100-150 US and Britain SOF operatives were stationed.

Iran’s attempts to advance towards al Tanf in the forehead had been stoped via air strikes and propaganda efforts. Meanwhile it did not make an effect. While Americans frantically tried to prevent a direct move to al Tanf, a mechanized group made a kind of workaround to the border East of the city without encountering much resistance and by the evening of June 9 completely cut off the United States and mates from the rest of Syria. It is important to understand that al Tanf and the adjacent desert are of little value. But if we consider them as a springboard to promote operations in Central and South-East Syria, that is of great matter indeed.

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