Our field sources obtained an approximate list of forces which will take part in upcoming offensive on Idlib province.

Both regular forces and volunteer formations will take part in upcoming offensive. 1st Corps’ 9th Armoured Division, 4th armoured division (considered to be one of elite units of Syrian Arab Army and headed by Bashar Assad’s brother Maher al Assad), Republican Guard, Tiger Forces are to take part from regular forces. Volunteer formations are represented by Syrian Social Nationalist Party, National Defence Forces, Palestinian al Quds Brigade and the 5th Corps.


All of these forces are known as the most experienced and motivated in fightings with jihadists of all levels – from jihadists linked to al Kaeda to jihadists backed by Turkish formations.  All of them are also loyal to Syrian government and to Bashar al Assad.

The forces have the following weaponry and equipment: T-55, T-62 and T-72 tanks, heavy SPA (including 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika and 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled howitzers), “Grad” and “Uragan” MLRSs.

The operation is reportedly planned by Syrian officers with support of Russian and Iranian military advisors. Russian and Syrian Aerospace Force will also back the infantry units.

The upcoming operation will allegedly be the most large-scale from the very beginning of Syrian civil war.

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