The Al Qaeda-linked White Helmets group which operates only in radical militants-held areas staged another chemical weapons attack, now in Douma, trying to accuse official Damascus in killing innocent people. We’ve analyzed the vids and collected eyewitnesses’ evidence and reports of our sources on the ground. Here are our conclusions.

Videos recently published by the so-called White Helmets rescue group of alleged chemical attack in Douma showing men, women and even children being ‘saved’ by the White Helmets activists and brought to ‘hospital’ so that ‘medics’ can ‘help’ them pouring water on them, making them breath in unknown substance from inhalers. And that’s all the treatment which is thought to help and save the people. UNCONVINCING.

Later after the local citizens informed Syrian and Russian military on staging the CW attack, to the Russia’s military police accompanied with nuclear, biological, chemical specialists and medics visited the area of alleged chemical attack and found no evidence of people being hit by such a weapon. No civilians suffering the consequences of using CW were also found in hospitals of the area. Also people living in the neighborhood said no CW was used there. UNCONVINCING.


Look at this girl. The doesn’t even understand what’s going on. Men running around making other children breath in something. The scene doesn’t look like it’s a hospital where people hit with CW receive help. UNCONVINCING.

Moreover, the White Helmets and their outlets and resources in social media this time do not name the current CW as they did a year ago. A US missile strike on Syria’s Shairat airbase was conducted after the White Helmets claimed Damascus used Sarin nerve agent against civilians in Khan Sheikhoun. Now they call it ‘a deadly chemical weapon’ and ‘fatal gas’. They don’t name it as all the CW have specific symptoms and signs of intoxication and poisoning and can be easily identified by international organizations’ specialists if needed. And again UNCONVINCING.

So the ‘secret’ and ‘unknown’ CW is rather convenient for White Helmets. Thus, the Western countries (USA and its allies) use this White Helmets accusations to start an open aggression against Syria.



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