US supporting al Nusra – Commander


A high-ranking commander of the al Qaeda branch in Syria revealed that the United States indirectly supports rebel forces fighting Assad government in Syria, Kölner Stadtanzeiger newspaper reported.

“The U.S. support the opposition, but not directly. They support the countries which support us. But we are not yet satisfied with this support. They should support us with highly developed weapons. We have won battles thanks to the “TOW” missiles. We reached a balance with the regime through these missiles. We received the tanks from Libya through Turkey. Also the “BMs” – multiple rocket launchers”, Abu al Ezz, the jihadi commander, told reporter Jürgen Todenhöfer.

He made it clear that the group (now known as Jabhat Fateh al Sham) doesn’t recognize the ceasefire recently brokered by the US and Russia, saying that they took advantage of it in repositioning the fighters to undertake an overwhelming attack against the government forces.

“We do not recognize the ceasefire. We will reposition our groups. We will undertake in the next, in a few days an overwhelming attack against the regime. We have rearranged all our armed forces in all provinces, in Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Hama”, he explained.

“We accept no one from the Assad-regime or from the Free Syrian Army, which is called moderate. Our aim is the downfall of the regime and the founding of an Islamic state according to the Islamic sharia”, he added.


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