US Sets up Coordination Center in Syria ahead of Raqqa Operation

The sources within the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) revealed the coordination center has been set up near the village of Minbeteh, just a few kilometers to Raqqa.

The reports on the US coordination center for Raqqa operation surfaced as it was reported a few days ago, 50 US soldiers have arrived in 15 armored cars in Tel Abyad in Hasaka province.

They put up a US flag marking their center. The area around the center, which is located near the Turkish border, is guarded by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

According to local sources, the main task of the US center in Tel Abyad has been claimed as the provision of assistance by US forces with the Syrian the Democratic Forces, and giving consulting services to them in the field of military tactics and strategy.

Tel Abyad, located 90 km from Raqqa and controlled by the Kurdish forces, has a strategic importance for the Syrian Kurds as it links the two Kurdish cantons of Kobani and Jazira.

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