SDF leadership and US military advisors are going to deploy Kurdish and Arab fighters to a new battle after ISIS defeat in Deir Ezzor’s Baghuz Fawqani town.

The US military reportedly transported foreign ISIS terrorists who surrendered to SDF in Baghuz Fawqani to Al Tanf military base via Iraq and Jordan. According to informed sources, US officers offered jihadists a deal, giving them a task to attack a number of settlements in Eastern Syria in exchange for amnesty and ensuring security of their wives and childre transferred to SDF-held al Hawl refugee camp in Hasakah province. The deal stipulates that the extremists must capture Jazal, Shaer, Tweinan and Maghara gas and oil fields, Khneifis phosphate field and force the Syrian army to leave checkpoints located along Damascus-Deir Ezzor highway. However, once ISIS terrorists seize gas and oil fields in Homs province, SDF will start a new “large-scale” operation to “liberate” the area.

Reports say a number of ISIS cells are already actively operating near Al Tanf military base in desert areas of Homs province. About 20 Syrian soldiers were killed by ISIS jihadists during ambush operations for the past few days. Militants were able to establish munitions depots, having benefited from difficult terrain, including numerous caves, valleys and other natural shelters.

It’s obvious that the US seeks to drive the government troops out using terrorists and its allied forces and to take control over the strategic territory that is rich in resources. It seems that this is one of the reasons why the US reject any proposal to evacuate Rukban refugee camp and withdraw its military from Al Tanf.

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