US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey urged Germany to participate in a joint operation against the Syrian government in case it uses chemical weapons in Idlib.

During his trip to Berlin, Jeffrey announced that it would be best if Germany supported the operation not by words only but rather by direct military actions in cooperation with other Western states.

This Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that she will not simply look away if chemical weapons are used in Idlib offensive. She was supported by both foreign and defense ministers, who promised to prevent chemical attack by diplomacy as well as deterrent actions.

On the other hand, the German parliament opposed the intent, declaring that Germany’s participation in the military operation will be in violation of the constitution.

“Any involvement of the Bundeswehr in Syria in the form of ‘retaliatory strikes’ against poison gas facilities would be against the human rights and unconstitutional,” the Bundestag research service’s report said.

The U.S. has previously threatened to attack Syrian military positions in case a chemical attack takes place during the government offensive in Idlib province. The French Ministry of Defense has joined these threats, hinting at the possibility of conducting independent operations against the Syrian army.

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