A former CIA officer Robert David Steele claimed that Israel and Saudi Arabia, in collusion with US officials, were behind the false flag chemical attack in Syria.

Steele said the claim that the Syrian government still has chemical weapons bears no relation to reality and added that evidence mounts that the Idlib incident was a false flag operation.
“We now know from a source that serves on the staff of one of three American traitors that I will name: Senator John McCain, former CIA Director John Brennan, and National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Herbert McMaster — [that] they conspired with Israel and Saudi Arabia. The White Helmets were paid over $300,000 and this was a false flag attack and an MIT professor [Theodore A. Postol] provided superb analysis which says that it was a ground improvised-explosive device and that was not sarin gas,” Steele said.
He referred to MIT professor of Technology and National Security Policy Theodore A. Postol’s research busting the US intelligence report blaming the Syrian government for the suspected attack in Idlib province.
“This was a false flag attack carried out and organized by American traitors working with Israel and Saudi Arabia,” the former CIA officer reiterated.
The former CIA officer pointed out that different geopolitical actors are pursuing their own goals. For instance, Saudi Arabia wants Syria so that they can run a pipeline to the sea and not be dependent on the Strait of Hormuz for shipping.
On the other hand, “Goldman Sachs wants war in the Middle East because they made some very bad bets on oil and they are about to lose a ton of money and a war will drive up the price of oil,” Steele explained.
For their part, US neoconservatives want a war in the Middle East “because that’s what Israel pays them to want.”
“Last but not least is the US military industrial complex,” he said, adding that “they want a war in order to use up the US military so we have to buy it again.”

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