US continue to expand military presence in Syria. Nowadays, Washington is building the second base at Syria’s al Zakf to the North-East, ISMC reported.

Abu al Atheer a military spokesman for the US-backed Maghawir al Thawra opposition group, told the reporters that US forces had spread from their initial location in al Tanf to set up another basecamp at al Zakf around 60-70 km to the North-East. Al Atheer stressed as well that the rebel units hav already received the US types of weapons. In addition he said that the American SOF frequently patrolled up to 100 km off al Tanf.

Muzahem Saloum a militant official close to Maghawir al Thawra also confirmed this fact, saying that the second base was expected to be a ‘first line of defense’ against any attack by Iranian-backed Syrian pro-government militias.

Despite of militants’ statements, the Coalition Command is still denying the fact of setting up the new base in Syria. Colonel Ryan Dillon spokesman for the US Coalition in Iraq and Syria, reported that the US conducted patrolling outside the al Tanf base to increase protection level in case of sudden attacks.

Recent reports of the US MoD deploying High Mobility Artillery Rocket System – HIMARS to the al Tanf base are easy to explain. According to a journalist of National Interest Amitai Etzioni, the US administration seeks to take advantage of the rebels to prevent the Syrian Army’s confident advance to the South. Therefore the positions of SAA have been made targets to militants and the US Coalition AF.

In such a manner Washington while setting up an additional operational basecamp in Syria against all existing international rules and laws US actually makes a step towards escalation in Syria. It will also allow the United States to disrupt Syrian Government Forces link-up with the Iraqi Hashd al Shaabi.

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