The US has reportedly found a way to extend its influence in the Middle East after a statement of the American troops withdrawal from Syria.

American military specialists have reviewed the Middle East airfield network in order to determine an optimal air base, which should allow to face all the challenges in the region, because Turkish Incirlik does not meet the current requirements.

The US officials visited Amman in February last year and signed with Jordanian representatives a memorandum of understanding for a term of five years. The memorandum provides funding for the economic development and the support to the armed forces of the Arab country. The parties also signed an agreement whereunder the US will use H4 Air base for 99 years.

In accordance with the agreement, Washington undertakes to modernize the air base including the following:
– repair of the airstrip and taxiways;
– alteration of parking aprons and aircraft shelters;
– equipping with modern radar sets and lighting systems;
– construction of cargo terminals and offices for pilots and engineers;
– enlarging aerial munitions and fuel storage facilities.

According to the source, about $300 million was allocated for the reconstruction and improving infrastructure of the air base.

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