Two American volunteers trying to leave Syria were detained by U.S.-backed SDF fighters after the U.S. Special Forces refused to help them in their attempt to return home.

Kevin Howard, a Marine Corps veteran, and Taylor Hudson, an American citizen and veteran of the French Foreign Legion, were detained in Kurdish-held Tell Tamer town in Hasakah province.
Hudson and Howard both originally volunteered to fight with the YPG until switching to the Syriac Military Council (MFS) after the liberation of Tabqa city, Hudson said. The two Americans were simply drained after running a makeshift field hospital in Tabqa, Syria, and wanted to serve with a front-line unit.
According to the report, YPG officials had charged the two for selling weapons to ISIS.
According to Hudson, “we got into the car with two big Special Forces guys, they drove us right out the front gate, kicked us out, got up in our faces and said, ‘You know the way you came in? That’s how you’re getting out, start walking.”

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