The SDF fighters suffer huge psychological distress amid appalling conditions and various limitations.

Factors that affect moral and psychological conditions reportedly are: bullying; lack of water, medical supplies and food related to theft and sale of them; poor logistics and equipment, low military training standard, etc. There also are increased morbidity and morality caused by low professional skills of health personnel.

Growing protests by civilians also affect moral and psychological conditions of SDF fighters.

Furthermore, Kurds forcibly recruit young men of Arab population.

Asayish members detain defectors and questioned them under the supervision of the coalition instructors. According to the source, amnestied ISIS terrorists act as warders and torture hostages in the following ways: beating with sticks and batons, tying their hands and feet behind their backs; detention in wet cells; rolling up in wet rugs; starvation; etc. Therefore, a lot of hostages dies before the investigation.

The ongoing terrorist attacks committed by ISIS sleeper cells also have an impact moral and psychological conditions of the SDF fighters in Northern and Eastern Syria.

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