SDFRaqqaUS-allied militias in northern Syria announced on Tuesday the formation of a civilian council to govern Raqqa after their planned capture of the city from the Islamic State group.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which includes a large contingent from the powerful Kurdish YPG militia, has advanced towards Raqqa with the help of air strikes and special forces from the US-led coalition.

The SDF – made up of both Kurds and Arabs – said local officials had been setting up the council for six months.

A preparatory committee met “with the people and important tribal figures of Raqqa city to find out their opinions on how to govern it”, the SDF said in a statement.

Spokesman Talal Selo said the SDF would “provide all the support” and had already turned over some towns around Raqqa city to the council after driving out ISIS militants.

The extent of Kurdish control in Raqqa’s future is sensitive both for residents and for Ankara, which has fought a three-decade Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey and fears growing YPG ascendancy just over the border in northern Syria

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