Sources in Rukban refugees camp report that #UN is preparing to send another humanitarian convoy to the camp that hosts some 50,000 people. Important detail: UN personnel will also conduct a field survey asking people whether they want to stay or to leave the camp.

This information was confirmed by sources in the UN. According to the UN officials, the issue of Rukban was raised during the recent visit of the new UN Envoy to Syria Geir O. Pedersen to Damascus. Pedersen also discussed the plans to send humanitarian aid to Rukban with Russian officials during his trip to Moscow.

Previous UN convoy arrived to Rukban last November and delivered food, warm clothes and medicines. However, the refugees complained that the supplied good were too scarce to provide for thousands of families trapped in the camp.

Rukban refugees camp is located inside the deconfliction zone just over a dozen kilometers from US military base in Al Tanf. The camp hosts 50,000 refugees who suffer from severe shortage of food, water and exposure to harsh weather conditions. US military personnel do not visit the camp which is believed to be unsafe due to possible presence of ISIS terrorists. At the same time, Maghaweir al Thawra fighters are regularly present in the camp, but provide only minimal assistance to its inhabitants.

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