22222.pngAccording to reports, Syrian war death toll rises up to 30,000 civilians by the end of 2016.

The current number of militants and Syrian army soldiers killed stays unknown despite the attempts of various human rights and observatory organizations to sum up all the deaths in Syria.

The first person of the United Nations Organization to deal with the Syrian crisis Staffan de Mistura a few days ago said he considers Idlib controlled by anti-gov’t forces to become ‘new Aleppo’ with its own humanitarian crisis, thousands of killed and injured. And, obviously, again the UN will try to stop another ‘local hell’ in Syria by establishing the humanitarian pauses and ceasefires in single quarters of the city.

Let’s remember that one of the UN goals is to maintain international peace and security and eliminating the threats to it. But now Mr. de Mistura and the whole Organization do nothing to prevent a new battle for militants’ stronghold in Syria.

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