Turkey plans to create another six observation points in eastern Idlib in addition to the already existing 12 positions, according to claims made by Syrian opposition activists on social media.

The activist announced that the new observation points will be established in Tell Touqan, Tell Soultan and Abu Duhur, three villages located close to each other on the edge of the demilitarization zone.

The observation points will also border the position of Russian troops near Abu Duhur, which also serves as a crossing point between the opposition and government-held areas.

Turkish troops have reportedly already conducted reconnaissance in the aforementioned areas and sent in materials to begin construction works. It is expected that the new points will be established in the coming few days.

Previously, Turkey has established 12 observation points along the border of the demilitarization zone as part of the Sochi agreement reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish leader Recep Erdogan last October. Since their creation, the observation points have been reinforced with heavy vehicles and various equipment.

By introducing these measures Turkey likely seeks to prevent any offensive actions by the Syrian troops. In the last few weeks the demilitarization zone has witnessed an escalation in violence between the government forces and the armed opposition groups, with both sides accusing each other of violating the agreement.

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