Turkish armed forces and the FSA militants keep on storming the Kurdish YPG positions in Syria’s Afrin canton.

Reports say the Turkey-backed forces have already seized around nine settlements in the region as well as the TSK jets targeted a number of Kurdish-controlled areas.

YPG representatives have already accused Ankara of attacking civilian infrastructure and killing more than 20 peaceful civilians. According to the local sources at least two US military aides have been reportedly killed in the Turkish air raids.

Pentagon is still in silence on the reports of US servicemen’ KIA neither Ankara made comments over the incident which has many multiple proofs.

Turkish forces and FSA units commenced the Olive Branch operation on January 20. According to the Turkish officials it’s aimed at setting up a 19-mile “safe zone” along the Syrian-Turkish border. Authorities in Turkey explain their military gamble with need of countering YPG to be closely connected with PKK, that Ankara keeps on the terrorists list.

Meanwhile YPG stays Washington’s key ally in Northern Syria. The Kurdish units continue to receive weapons and funds despite the fact of winding down of the Syrian opposition support initiative.

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