Turkish government and commanders of the armored groups work on establishment of an autonomy in Northwestern Syria.

Turkish National Intelligence Service and field commanders of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) presented a draft establishment of an autonomy in Idlib province during the meeting in Amkiya town in May, 2019. According to the draft, HTS leaders agreed to create local authorities, which will be controlled by the so-called Salvation Government. Their activities will spread over the whole Idlib province. There was an unsuccessful attempt in 2017 because HTS field commanders had failed to come to an agreement.

Establishment of these authorities means creation of the Council of Idlib province, the elections to local authorities, holding referendum and confirmation of the official autonomy status by the UN and Turkey and approval of its government staffed by HTS leaders.

Despite Syrian government strengthens its positions, HTS and other groups commanders intend to divide Syria. It is essential for Turkey, which wants to control the territory and situation in the region.

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