Local council of Afrin, established under supervision of the Turkish authorities, has changed Kurdish names of the city’s squares, naming one of them after the Turkish President Rejep Erdogan.

According to local sources, three of the city’s main squares were blocked by trucks while workers changes the road signs.

The Kawa square named after a Kurdish hero Kawa the Blacksmith was renamed into Olive Wrath square to commemorated the operation of Turkish military and Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions in the Afrin region.

The Newruz (a Kurdish New Year holiday) square was given the name of Salah al Din al Ayoubi.

Finally, the Al Saraya square was renamed into Recep Erdogan square.

In the recent months, Afrin has witnessed an increase in the infighting between the rival armed factions.

Two weeks ago clashes erupted between Ahrar Al-Sharqiya and Al-Farouq battalion in Jenderes area in Northern Aleppo. The conflict was triggered by an argument during the distribution of property stolen by the militants from the citizens of Kuran village.

This Monday, a conflict between the so-called free police officers and members of Faylaq al Rahman group in the city of Afrin escalated to a gunfight. On Tuesday, clashes erupted between Sultan Murad Brigade and the free police in Jarablus.

In addition to that, the Turkish authorities have been accused of turning a blind eye to violation of human rights by the FSA factions. The research conducted by Amnesty International revealed that civilian residents of Afrin have become victims of systematic violations at the hands of armed opposition factions backed by Turkey, including arbitrary detentions, abductions, confiscation of property and looting.

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