The Syrian government forces prepare to launch a military operation in Southern regions of Syria – Daraa and Sweida provinces mostly controlled by Free Syrian Army, Tahrir al Sham and ISIS.

Tiger Forces, 4th Mechanized Division and a number of Republican Guard units are to participate in battles against anti-government forces in the South of the country.

The situation there is getting more and more complicated as Israel actively supports the so-called “rebels” providing them with munitions and medical aid. The United States ship weapons there and pay for militants’ training in Jordan. At the same time Amman also send weapons to rebels in Syria.

All the three states are on bad terms with Syria and Iran. They are not interested in Tehran getting stronger in the Middle East. All the tensions in Syria’s South may cause escalation of the conflict.

Tel Aviv wants the area near Golan Heights to stay in rebels’ hands as under SAA control it is to become a platform for Iran’s forces that is critically close to Israeli border.

Washington is trying to weaken Tehran to help Tel Aviv to strengthen its positions in the Middle East. Reports say the United States have intensified the militants’ activities near Al Tanf base. The militants have even started to sporadically attack SAA positions in that region.

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