An IED explosion left there Kurdish security forces members dead in the city of Raqqa yesterday’s evening, local sources reported.

The explosion occurred near a an amusement park in the center of the city and targeted a vehicle of the Asayish, leaving three Kurdish fighters dead and several others injured.

Shortly after the incident, Asayish members detained a number of men allegedly connected to the explosion, but soon released them.

Two weeks ago, another IED explosion has resulted in death of three fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Raqqa.

During the recent months, the SDF has been struggling to manage the rapidly deteriorating security situation in its areas of control in Northern Syria. The provinces of Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in addition to the city of Manbij in eastern Aleppo are currently witnessing a rise in civil unrest caused by arbitrary detentions and corruption within the local SDF units.

A conflict between the SDF fighters and members of Beni Said tribe occurred in Manbij after the fighters detained and killed two members of the tribe.

In addition to that, a conflict between fighters of Manbij military council and locals of Sayda village has resulted in a number of injuries from both sides.According to eye witnesses, the conflict was provoked by the fighters who approached the civilians when they were burying their relative after transporting his body from the city of Aleppo.

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