The Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) and the SMC (Syriac Military Council) confirmed in a statement the death of the 5th foreign volunteer as part of the anti-ISIS operation in Raqqa province.

Albert Avery Harrington was injured in a bomb explosion a few days ago in Syria and dead early on Friday morning from his injuries. On 15 March, 2015, Harrington joined the YPG with the nickname Cekdar Rojava or Neshro Hiro.
Last week on 22 January, the YPG confirmed the death of another US volunteer named Paolo Todd from Los Angeles, California who was also killed in the same village of Suwaydiya, where Harrington was injured.
On 16 January, the Kurds also announced that three Western volunteers (one British, one Canadian and one American) were killed as part of the Raqqa campaign.

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