Terrorists from HTS receive military training from Turkey ahead of final battle against SAA

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham jihadists continue to hold various military training sessions in the Afrin countryside under the supervision of officers from the Turkish army ahead of potential battle against SAA in Idlib province.

The training includes lessons in tactics for storming enemy positions, fire and medical training and also engineering.
In June 2019 terrorists from Jabhat al-Shamia and Usud al-Sharqia arrived
in the Umm al-Khalakhil city in Idlib province from the western part of the province of Aleppo and the canton of Afrin, where they were trained under the guidance of Ankara intelligence agency to repel an offensive against Syrian army.
Throughout Idlib province, bands of disparate terrorists groups have fallen in line behind the Ankara-backed project, which has imposed military discipline on jihadists. Critics, including Basel Fanoun, say they are no more than mercenaries fighting Turkey’s battles, pitting Syrians against Syrians, to this end Ankara seeks to better organise and train the terrorists allied with it, providing them with training, arms, and even a monthly stipend for the fighters.

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