Turkey-Iran-Russia initiative on Syrian conflict settlement demonstrates the crisis of the US hegemony in the Middle East. After Iran declined the proposal to invite representatives of the United States to Astana talks, Turkey also took an initiative to make some changes in the participant list.

After that the SDF was removed from the list. The SDF nucleus, PYD, is supported by Washington alongside with the FSA. PYD representative Saleeh Muslin called SDF one of the key players and stressed talks are likely to be fruitless without its participation.

At the same time Turkish president Recep Erdogan wouldn’t have accepted the SDF participation in the meeting as its nucleus ā€“ PYD ā€“ is recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey.

Meanwhile, according to the US mainstream mass media, the State Department announced that only Turkey-controlled groups’s representatives were to take part in Astana talks.

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