The Syrian government granted amnesty to over 150 militants that had laid down their weapons and applied for pardoning in Homs.
The officials said that in line with reinvigorating the peace plan in Homs, 155 militants that had handed over their arms to the Syrian Army received government amnesty in the towns of Talbiseh, Al Rastan, Al Houleh and some districts of Homs city.

On Monday, a prominent Syrian political analyst referred to the terrorists’ evacuation of al-Wa’er and the importance of Homs city’s security, and stressed that the militants in Homs would also be forced to accept the peace plan.

“Homs city is a central region in Syria which links the Northern and Southern parts of the country and there is no doubt that the recent achievements in the city will help the government to implement the peace plan in the outskirts of Homs too,” Abdol Majid Abdol Latif said on Monday.

Noting that the terrorists in the outskirts of Homs, that is Talbiseh, Al Rastan, Al Dar Al Kabireh, Al Qantou and Al Houleh, were feeling more danger, he said they knew that their comrades in Al Wa’er were in much better conditions, considering their location and military equipment, and the militants in Homs would have no way out, but to have their legal status processed or leave the region by accepting the Syrian army’s peace plan.

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