Aleppo Province

Another convoy of reinforcements to SAA arrived in the city and was accompanied by tanks and heavy guns. The Armor and artillery are supposed to protect the South-Western and North-Western humanitarian corridors in Aleppo.

The Kurdish YPG units lost 17 soldiers in fighting with the FSA militants in the Northern parts province. SDF shot down a drone (UAV) probably belonging to Turkey in the vicinity of Al Hasia village.

SAA units move on in Salah al Din area while their fighting also goes well in the areas of Amiriyah and Sheikh-Said as Russian jets keep on engaging terrorists out there.

FSA distributed propaganda leaflets in the districts of Aleppo controlled by the government forces addressing to civilians and directing them to stay away from the military HQs and CPs in the coming days.

Idlib Province
The group of Jund al Aqsa attacked Ahrar al Sham HQ near the town of Sarakeb. The details of the icident are being specified.

Quneitra Province
SAA launched in the countryside MLRS rockets to sweep away few trucks with ammunition to the militants. According to the source, another regime’s army unit demolished a cache holding a number of ATGM.

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