militantsJaysh Khalid Ibn Al-Walid group (ISIS-affiliated) has been sieged by HTS and allied FSA factions to the southeast of the Golan Heights.

ISIS militants on Monday clashed with rival opposition forces in the outskirts of Adwan town located in the southwestern countryside of Daraa.

Jaysh Khalid Ibn Al Walid have been stubbornly holding the territory it captured during a large-scale offensive in February 2017. Since then, the ISIS franchise branch has dug in and constructed a strong defensive line, thereby fending off all rebel counter-offensives.

However, with a UN-brokered de-escalation agreement introduced in the provincial capital of Daraa, the FSA and HTS have transferred hundreds of battle-hardened fighters towards ISIS-held rural areas, ultimately looking to retake some 20 villages and towns that remain under the control of Jaysh Khalid Ibn Al Walid.

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