The Turkey-based opposition media Qasioun News Agency is at the front of fake-makers motorcade again. Its regular news about SAA mass civilian killings are not so easy to verify but now they have surpassed themselves and got caught red-handed. The lack of info about Syrian government and its allies grabbed them by the throat and forced them to write an unprofessional fake story about ‘how Russian Orthodox Church is protecting computer from viruses’ which they seasoned with some pictures.

‘Watch How Russia Protects Its Computers From WannaCry Virus!’ a title says. A word ‘watch’ means some pictures (or video) are expected to be inside demonstrating us the whole process. But there is a pack of pics here with priests doing traditional blessing.


First of all we used common-known OSINT method (Google search) to find sources of those images and that’s what we’ve figured out:


An article  on Russian Orthodox Church official page told us it this picture was made during blessing of new Ministry of Internal affairs’ building in November 2013.  But hey, author said the Patriarch made it on Monday. Well, let’s go further.


A picture that has already become a legend. But Qasioun is not respecting its readers enough to give them even widely-known fakes.  Business Insider writers have already exposed this one and there’s nothing else to add.

Maybe it’s a question of education but why author (and even managing editor) did not noticed a man on the picture is wearing religious headgear not belonging to Russian Orthodox Church. Sources say it is a Polish catholic priest and the whole thing happened in 2013.

The story told in article is also far from truth. We found some similar articles in Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian and even Vietnamese media with same pictures but most of them told that photos are from the past and added just for fun.

It’s all not about Russians and Orthodox Church. It’s about how poorly this piece of opposition propaganda is sued. Well, maybe it was an act of trolling but the story wasn’t presented as a joke. Lots of opposition supporters perhaps believed all that is written and photos made this illusion even more realistic. We’d like to say ‘that’s how actually manipulation works’, but it’s a great title for such obvious lie.

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