Syrian Fighter Jets Continue to Bomb Terrorists in Lattakia, Idlib Provinces

215903Syrian warplanes targeted four main positions of the terrorists in Northeastern Lattakia, while an arms depot of the terrorists in Southern Idlib was destroyed in Syrian air raids.

Syrian army aircraft pounded terrorists’ concentration centers in Tardin and Zahar Ketab Sandou, leaving at least 12 terrorists dead.

Several machinegun-equipped vehicles of the terrorist groups were destroyed after their gatherings near al-Kanda and Ketab Rajoub came under heavy air assault by the Syrian fighter jets.

Syrian fighter jets also hit Jeish al-Fatah’s strongholds in Jisr al-Shughour heavily, killing a number of them and destroying their ammunition and arms depots.

Also, a number of armored vehicles of the terrorist groups were destroyed in the Syrian air raid on their positions in Tardin, Kafr Sandou, al-Kinda, Ktaf Rajjoub and Hallouz on Friday.

The vehicles’ crew also were killed or wounded in the attack.

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