The SAA forces in co-operation with Hezbollah units have reduced ISIS presence in Hama province to a pocket of less than 60 square kilometers in just a few days, having encircled the terrorists and entirely cut off supply routes.

The rapid advances of government forces enable them to effectively end the ISIS presence in Hama after a brief surge of terror activity in the province.

The SAA offensive began after several units, including the elite Tiger Forces under command of Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan, have been relocated to Hama from Idlib province.

In the last few days the Syrian forces have liberated dozens of villages in east Hama, pushing the terrorists towards the borders with Idlib province. The list of the liberated settlements include Jib Al-Sakr, Al-Hanin, Al-Khatabia, Abu Mallaha, Jib al-Hatna, al-Qanater, Jadida, Abu Jabaya, Marami Beni Halal, Umm Zhaymek, Al-Bayda, Fida, Mutawasatia, Uqla, Mushayrafa, Mksr Al-Sharqi, Abu Al-Qana, Al-Dhabiya, Al-Nakroush, Talal al-Junubi, Rajm al-Abil al-Sharqi and Rajm al-Abil al-Gharbi and several other villages. However, ISIS terrorist are still present in Abu Ajwa, Rasm al-Ahmar, Srouja, Atchana, Msaytaba and some other villages.

The ISIS media channels remained silent as the terror group’s defenses collapsed, making no mention of the significant losses sustained by the terrorists.

Currently the government forces continue to attack remaining ISIS positions from two directions. The Hezbollah units are advancing from the north while the SAA moves from the south.

The offensive of the government troops was facilitated by sporadic clashes between ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. The conflict between the two groups broke out after the ISIS terrorists arrived to Hama from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in accordance with the deal between the terror group and the US-backed SDF forces. More than 4500 terrorists and their relatives left Raqqa and headed to the areas controlled by the Syrian opposition.

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