The army troops engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists near Harasta town Northeast of Damascus city and advanced against them in the gardens near Harasta, taking control over two positions of the terrorists.

In the meantime, the army men pushed the terrorists back from al Wadi grand mosque and al Nour driving school on the Western side of Harasta highway. Local sources said that the army soldiers also drove terrorists out of the gardens in Tishrin district adjacent to al Qaboun district.
Security sources said earlier today that the army soldiers are about to start a second phase of their operation against Al Nusra Front (recently renamed to Fatah al Sham Front) and enter al Qaboun. The sources said that the army soldiers have won back the entire farms in al Qaboun region and will kick off the second phase of their attacks against Al Nusra and will enter al Qaboun district soon.
The sources added that the army ground forces, backed up by missile units and the country’s Air Force, drove the Al Nusra Front out of the entire farms, gardens and buildings in the surrounding areas of al Qaboun’s.
The army soldiers also destroyed two tunnels used by the terrorists near al Qaboun district, killing the entire militants in the tunnels, the sources said, adding, “Hundreds of terrorists were killed in the army’s trap in the farms between the districts of Barzeh and al Qaboun.”
In the meantime, the army aircraft pounded the positions of Al Nusra near Zmelka and in a region between Arbin settlement and Jobar district.


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