Syrian government forces have managed to gain more ground against militants in the strategic northwestern city of Aleppo.

Army troops established full control over the Kindi Hospital, the al Shaqif area, Hamra Hill as well as 16 farmlands near the deserted Handarat refugee camp in the northern flank of Aleppo, which is some 355 kilometers north of the capital, Damascus.

Scores of terrorists were killed during the offensives, and dozens of others fled the battle zones to save their lives. The Syrian army and pro-government popular defense groups have launched operations to hunt them down.

Elsewhere in the town of al Darkhabiya on the western outskirts of Damascus, army units retook a number of farms and buildings from foreign-backed militants in a joint operation with pro-government fighters.

Army unit destroyed vehicles belonging to terrorists in the Dara’a al Mahatta neighborhood in the southwestern city of Dara’a, located about 13 kilometers north of the border with Jordan.
Additionally, several members of the Jabhat Fateh al Sham militant group, formerly known as Nusra Front, were also killed in a Syrian army operation in the town of al Yadouda.

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