While the whole world keeps an eye on the efforts of a number of states to resolve the Syrian conflict by organizing meetings, peace talks, people in many cities of Syria suffer from the lack of water, food and medicines.

During Astana talks both sides of conflict expressed the will to resolve the conflict in this Middle East country. Also the Russian side proposed a project of new Syrian constitution. Later Moscow invited the Syrian opposition leaders to Kremlin to meet Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Moreover, Russia, Turkey and the United States have made a significant progress in coordinating their efforts on Syrian crisis settlement and started to combat terrorist groups in Syria more effectively.
Nevertheless one should remember millions people in Syria suffer because of the 6-year civil war and terrorist invasion. The sooner the international community unites, provides all the help and support needed, and resolves this crisis, the more lives of innocent men, women, and children of Syria would be saved.

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