Two residents of Tel Karama village in Idlib province were wounded, one critically, when a suicide bomber blew himself up. The attacker died in the explosion.

Huge material damage has been also caused by the explosion.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

In the recent months, Idlib province has witnessed a rise in the infighting between rival armed factions, especially Hayat Tahrir al Sham and ISIS. Dozens of militants of both terror groups were killed in the sporadic clashes and assassinations.

This Monday, a sharia judge of Hurras al Din jihadi group has been wounded when an IED planted by unidentified attackers exploded in Sarmin city in eastern Idlib.

Last week, two field commanders of the National Liberation Front have been found dead south of the city of Idlib. According to local sources, the militants have discovered the bodies of a military commander Abu Wasef and an administration officer Abu Maraya, who were assassinated by unknown attackers.

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