About 2,000 Syrians are still disappointed.

HTS is fully responsible for all executed murders. According to its policy, the group arrests forcibly people and denies their kidnapping fearing the whole nation. Usually such actions extend to popular activists and public figures. The terrorists deny all requests of kidnapped people relatives to meet them and hide all information on arrested children.

According to statistics by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), 2,006 civilians including 23 children and 59 women were under HTS arrest from 2012 to August 2019. 1,946 people are classified as forcibly disappointed, 24 people including a child were killed during torture and 38 people were executed. Most of those bodies were not given to their relatives.

One of those killed people was an activist Samer al Salloum from Kafrnabel town of Idlib province. He had been arrested in December 2017. This continued until August 10, 2019, when his family received information confirming that he had been executed by a gunshot.

The fates of 83,000 civilians are still hidden by HTS that makes all families suffer and unable to get documents of disappointed people’s death.

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