We’ve made a brief analysis of the situation around Syria and a possibility of missile attack on it. Here what we have:

To sum up,

  • France’s President Macron says he has proof that there was a chemical attack in Douma, but he hasn’t made the final decision whether to strike Syria or not yet;
  • Germany’s Chancellor Merkel says she’s not going to attack Syria but she’s sure Assad hadn’t got rid of all the chemical weapons;
  • Turkey’s President Erdogan takes a position of a mediator between NATO and Russia saying the West can’t protect the Kurds;
  • US President Trump tweets the attack against Syria may be conducted very soon or not soon at all.

And today meetings in Cabinet of the United Kingdom and in White House are expected.

So, the attack is unlikely, at least today, as the warmongering states are now taking a break to discuss and calculate the consequences of such an attack.

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