Arak fighting

By the end of the day on 14 June SAA and the allies have occupied almost entire Arak area and moved closer to T3 base and the pumping facility. At the moment the fighting goes on IVO T3 and to the East and North-East of Arak settlement. The Syrian Army is trying hard to maintain the pace of the offensive and moving in the direction of Sukhna oasis with about 20-25 kilometers left for the goal. The enemy side offers quite a stubborn resistance, but it has less capability to stop the advance of the Syrian and allied forces, caused by their superiority in numbers and weapons.

As a result of SAA advancing to Arak, Tadmor (Palmyra) is gradually turning to the rear city, although the group of militants operating in the area to the North-West of the city is still a threat to the strategic communications and the regional factions.
In the Western areas of Raqqa province the SAA units continue their accented workaround to the South of Tabka, as they move in the direction of the intersection at Resafa. The enemy does not hold the front in there so much of the offensive of the Government forces receive no significant resistance. The militants are not able to produce a sterling frontline so they have no practical chance to dig in here. The US and the Kurds having the background of SAA and the allies rapid advance strive to boost the assault on Raqqa. Meanwhile recent weeks show that Raqqa standoff is more like the situation in Mosul. The militants keep on stubbornly fight and pierce through the outskirts but they pay a substantial price as well as the final result is fairly predictable.

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