Residents of Eastern Ghouta suffer from food shortages and are in need of assistance.

Hay’at Tahrir al Sham terrorists continue to move freely throughout the area of Eastern Ghouta, despite Jaysh al Islam and Faylaq al Rahman claims to fight against HTS. Most of the region remains under control of al Qaeda linked divisions.
According to the source, local infrastructure, food storage facilities and shops are completely looted by HTS terrorists. There are no electricity and water supplies as the terrorists take away foodstuffs that civilians were able to score. No medical care available in the region.
Activists say on social media that the militants increase food prices to sky high. Thus a typical gas cylinder may cost up to 65,000 Syrian pounds (2,500 in Damascus). For instance a price for a kilo of salt may increase to 3,000 Syrian pounds (75 in Damascus).
The terrorists also confiscate UN humanitarian aid and keep supplies in their storage facilities heavily guarded. Eyewitnesses say women had to provide sexual favours in exchange for food rations for themselves and their children.
Moreover, the HTS terrorists shelled the UN humanitarian convoy on September 24, 2017.
The jihadists are constantly provoking SAA to return fire that further deteriorates the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta.

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