Speaker of Jordan’s House of Representative Atef Tarawneh confirmed that the Jordanian authorities have initiated “a highly successive” cooperation with the Syrian authorities in the domain of security.

Reopening border crossings and return of the refugees are the main issues tackled by the two sides, Tarawneh added, saying that “safe zones” should be established so that the refugees could return to their homes without risking their lives.

He also revealed that a large Jordanian delegation is preparing to visit Syria in the coming days to discuss economic cooperation.

Last month, Jordanian officials announced that the resume of border trade between Jordan and Syria in case of reopening of Nassib border crossing and its sister facility Jaber will have a huge positive impact on the Jordanian economy. They also confirmed their readiness to contribute to th restoration of destroyed Syrian infrastructure.

Earlier in August, the Jordanian government has sent a delegation to Damascus to prepare ground for resuming agricultural trade over Nassib border crossing. According to Jordanian media, the visit was organized at the request of the Syrian Exporters Union, who invited Jordanian fruit and vegetable merchants to resume trade over the border crossing.

Previously it was reported that the Jordanian authorities allowed custom clearance companies to reopen their offices at Nassib border crossing in preparation for resuming the trade exchange between Jordan and Syria.

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