The leadership of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces is expected to halt the Operation Jazeera Storm conducted in NE Syria.

Reports say this decision can be made based on a worsening situation in Kurdish-controlled Afrin canton where the so-called opposition fractions backed by the Turkish military conduct the Olive Branch Operation aimed at taking this area under control.

Thus, the SDF units are likely to be relocated from Hasakah and Deir-Ezzor provinces to Afrin region to counter the Turkish military.

At the same time TSK keeps on establishing checkpoints in rebel-held Idlib province to cut off SDF possible supply routes.

Supported by Washington and quipped with US-made ammo and vehicles SDF forces which are to move to Afrin can become a real problem for the TSK operating there. Also this move is sure to aggravate the relations between two NATO states, USA and Turkey.

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