SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces denied the news of a ceasefire deal between SDF and ISIS terror group in Hasakah province.

The SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali said that the SDF continue to fight terrorism blaming “obscure powers” for spreading lies about the Kurdish-dominated units to raise the morale of the terrorists.

He also added that the text of the alleged ceasefire agreement “can only be laughed at”.

Previously it was reported that the SDF and ISISĀ  have brokered a one-month ceasefire in the northern Syrian province of Hasakah. According to the document, the ceasefire enters into force on November, 28th and lasts till December, 28th. The terms of the deal allow ISIS terrorists free movement around the area, including trips for treatment, in addition to conduct of military operation against the parties outside the agreement.

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