Northern Democratic Brigade associated with the Syrian Democratic forces announced its intention to enter Idlib to fight Turkey and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group (HTS).

The announcement was made by the brigade’s commander Abu Omar Al-Idlibi. In a post on the unit’s official Facebook page al-Idlibi said that his fighters have a right to defend the province since the major part of them are local citizens of Idlib.

The statement came after the beginning of the Turkish Euphrates Sword operation, aimed at securing the province and curbing HTS influence according to the de-escalation agreement.

The Turkish operation was criticized by Al-Idlibi, who named it “a big lie” and a pretext for occupation and isolation of Afrin.

He also said that the brigade will form a military council of Idlib, suggesting that it will include the FSA groups remaining in the province.


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