1Militant forces in blocked-off areas of Aleppo continue retreating to the south under heavy fire from SAA forces advancing from the north and east.

Recently SAA have liberated Bab al Hadid, Wija, Ar’yan, al Mashid Qal’at, Malandi, Baraj, Tell Zirazir, Tariq Tell Shabiq, Shiekh Lutfi Qasr al Wali, Mohammad Biek and Baluza districts. Also, after clashes with government forces in Bustan al Qasr, al Kalaseh, al Salahin districts, militants had to retreat to al Suqari, Fardos and al Ansari. It seems that they are planning to use Queiq river as a natural barrier against the SAA, meanwhile continuing their attempts to break through the encirclement and leave for Ramusi district.

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