Islamic State terrorists are expected to start fresh attacks on the Syrian army despite the US and SDF claims of the Daesh defeat.

According to the source, surrendered foreign ISIS terrorists continue to arrive in al Tanf base via the territories of the neighboring countries. Residents of Northern areas of Iraq and Jordan reported that the US military had been accompanying bearded men who are armed. Locals say they have seen a few such convoys heading towards the West from the East.

The informed sources claim these “bearded men” are foreign ISIS terrorists who are expected to be involved in a new operations against the government forces to capture a number of gas and oil fields located to the North of al Tanf base in Homs province. They are additionally charged with attacks on the Syrian army checkpoints along the highway between Damascus and Deir Ezzor cities.

In this regard, there are continued reports that SDF leaders did not dismiss their fighters after victory over extremists in Baghuz Fawqani town of Eastern Deir Ezzor with the intention of participation in new battles in Syria. In accordance with the alleged plan Kurdish and Arab warriors will have to recapture areas from ISIS terrorists. Thus, the US will gain control over strategic oil and gas fields in Syria.

The White House announced that it will leave approximately 200 its troops at the military base in the al Tanf region. The US also has not allowed the transport convoys dispatched to evacuate refugees from Rukban refugee camp to pass through the al Tanf zone controlled by American troops. But everyday various sources report on awful humanitarian situation in the camp. It seems like the US try to hide their activities in Syria.

Therefore, the Syrian army needs to prepare for new fighting against ISIS terrorists to protect civilians and save control over resources belonging to Syria and its citizens.

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