ما وجهة الجيش السوري مع استكمال عمليته شرق حلب؟

The Syrian Army units supported by popular militias launched a powerful offensive on the militants near the village of Khanaser in south Aleppo.

The attack was simultaneously carried out on three axes from the villages of Al-Rashadiyah, Hajara and Khirbet Hosh in Jabal al-Hass area. The offensive was supported by heavy artillery and rocket fire.

In turn, the Syrian jets struck the positions of the militants near Al-Rashidiyah. There is no accurate information on the number of casualties among the terrorists yet.

The offensive was launched in support of the SAA operation in east Hama aimed at capturing Abu al-Duhur airbase. The operation is a part of a large-scale offensive that started in Ithriya area, where the army units have penetrated HTS defenses and reached Jib al-Abid, establishing control over several villages.

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