Russian MoD announced its forces will treat U.S.-led coalition aircraft and drones as targets if they are operating in Syrian airspace in areas while Russian aviation is on combat missions.

The Russian defense ministry also said it is suspending an agreement to minimize the risk of in-flight incidents between Russian and U.S.-led coalition aircraft operating over Syria.
“Any aerial objects, including warplanes and UAVs belonging to international coalition, spotted west of Euphrates river, will be escorted and tracked by Russian air defense systems both on the ground and in the air as aerial targets,” MoD announced in its official statement issued soon after US-led coalition brought Syrian fighter jet down in Raqqa province.
In addition to that, Russian MoD announced it had halted coordination with Pentagon on Syria after yesterday’s incident.
“As of June 19, Ministry of Defense halts coordination with U.S. counterparts within the framework of Memorandum on incident prevention and flight safety in Syria,” MoD officials said.

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