Identities of 5 suicide bombers who tried to break the siege of Aleppo are revealed. (PHOTO)

2 of them were members of Jabhat Fateh al Sham (formerly al Nusra front) terrorist group:

Batar al Jazrawi [1] – originates from Saudi Arabia, operated the VBIED in Hamdaniyah district,
Abu Omar al Masri [2] – originates from Egypt, operated the VBIED in New Aleppo.

Other 3 suicide bombers came from the Central Asia states and were members of al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization Turkistan Islamic Party:

Huzaifa al Turki [3],
Abd al Aziz al Turki [4],
and Shahidallah al Turkistani [5] committed suicides one after another in 1070 Apartment Project in the West of Aleppo city.


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