The U.S. troops in Iraq commanding officer Lieutenant General Stephen J. Townsend has recently announced the updated schedule of the operations against Islamic radicals in Mosul and Raqqa.

According to the reports both operations will intensively continue until the complete liberation of these cities that will approximately take six months. The combined US, Iraqi and Kurdish forces are to assault on the Western part of Mosul in the coming days. The brunt of the fighting will fall on the Iraqi Army.
The US military will continue to work with the Kurds to engage terrorists in Raqqa province of Syria and step up operations against the so called capital of DAESH (ISIS).
The fall of Mosul will not certainly stop operations in the region, as the US command plans to redeploy operational forces in the direction of the Syrian border, in order to complete mopping up of the Western Iraq.
It is worth noting that General Townsend earlier said that it would take up to 2 years to successfully defeat Islamic State and the end of the war on terrorists could be expected before the end of 2018.
As for the US President Donald Trump he ordered Pentagon to present the updated strategy for the Caliphate in March, which can make significant adjustments to the current plans.
It also seems United States and Russia political relations may be of great importance for the elimination of ISIS as well as the possible role participation of Turkey and Iran. International experts use to express their widespread opinion that in case of all present contradictions smoothed between all actors the end of DAESH might get closer.

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