The US Department of Defense (The Pentagon) admitted that the U.S.-led coalition has committed crimes of killing civilians in Syria and Iraq.

Washington newspaper quoted U.S. Army Col. Thomas Veale, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition as saying that despite the U.S. military’s best efforts to assess civilian casualties, no one will ever know exactly how many civilians U.S. strikes have killed since the beginning of the coalition operations in the two countries in 2014.

On Tuesday, Amnesty International said that the US-led coalition attacks on Raqqa city last year under the pretext of combating terrorism amount to war crimes.

According to Amnesty International report, the US-led coalition attacks on Raqqa broke international law.

“The US did not take sufficient account of civilians or take the precautions measures to minimize casualties while attacking Raqqa in 2017,” the report included, calling on the coalition to admit the scale of damage, pave the way for a public independent investigation and make reparations to victims of their actions.

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